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Saku Wahlman

Professional Chef from Savo Finland

I work as self employed freelancer in Switzerland and provide cooking and catering services of fine level of cuisine specialized to serve high profiled clients and their guests.


As a culinary artesan I serve finely refined dinner menus, luncheons, canapes for your apero event or food of the big feast from the best of ingredients near and some further. Philosophie on my work leans highly on the handcraft of this profession and the use of responsibly produced ingredients that can be localized and withstands ethical inspection.

Interest of mine in cooking draws out from different methods and techniques. History of food and its culture lights the fire of passion in me.

My cuisine or kitchen so to be called can be profiled as European with heavy Nordic influence.


Saku Wahlman
Saku Wahlman – Tarte Tatin

Partners & Projects

My work

Schloss Ueberstorf Hotel / Restaurant

Surprise Menu and "base of operation"

BRIDGE - Bistro Zurich
Guest chef for the theme "Northern Lights"
December 2021 – February 2022

Article Sonntagszeitung 09.01.2022

"Ausharren und Suppe löffeln"

Partners & Projects

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